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Day 1

PGYTECH CreateMate High-Speed Card Reader Case

This is the perfect card reader for content creators, always on the go. Having storage for your SD cards and an inbuilt card reader all in one package is awesome!^

Day 2

Logitech MX Master 3S

The hype is worth it. This generation of the MX Master is one of the best! Insanely comfortable with heaps of shortcut buttons, is the perfect mouse for editors, designers or any creative.

Day 3

Creative Act: A Way of Being

Rick presents a good mix of Theoretical, Practical & Existential pointers for living a life as a creative.

Day 4

Papershoot Digital Camera

This 18mp Digital camera adds the joy back into photography. In this world where our phones take amazing photos, if you want a good photo you've always got that opportunity but if you want good memories this is the way to go. No screen means getting distracted reviewing your photos, just snap and put it back in your pocket and continue with your day.

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Day 5

Design Books

Honestly these are beautiful books even for normies hahahah. Not novels for reading but great for inspiration or for a showpiece on the coffee table. All the books in this list are absolutely perfect gifts for the even relatively creative adjcent person in your life!

Day 6

Aputure MC LED Video Light

The one and only true portable video light you or your friends needs. RGB, Effects and app controllable. They even sell 4+ with a charging case!

Day 7

Belroy Tech Kit

If you are mildly OCD about your cables, drives, power bricks and power banks like me than you probably want to keep them organised as much as you can. The Tech Kit from Belroy is the perfect solution.

Day 8

Polar Pro x Peter McKinnon VND

Coming in 2-5 and 6-9 stops of variable ND. This collab from Peter McKinnon and Polarpro is an awesome addition to any videographers kit. Even if you've already got one... it dosent hurt to have another one.

Day 9

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner

The best solution i've found to get crytal clean device screens every time. Different sizes available.

Day 10

Ugreen 145w 25,00Mah Powerbank

Safe to jump on a plane and light enough to put in your pocket. The UGreen 145w Powerbank will charge up everything from your laptop to your apple watch not to mention it will power any of your favourite film gear for hours!!!!
I garuntee if you are looking for a gift for someone this one is a must have and if they've already got a powerbank... they still need another one!

Day 11

SmallRig Folding Tool Set

Any Videographers or Photographers in your life need at least one of these bad boys... Per pocket ????

Great for tripod plates, cages, side handles, any accessories if any kind.

Day 12

Gerber Fuse EDC Knife

Perfect for your pocket or your bag. Whether it's cutting cake or cutting tape. People under estimate how handy it is to have a knife on hand.
*Obviously do not use this to cause harm to anyone... that is not what it's for!

Day 13

Camera Lens

While this is certainly a more considered purchase great Lenses are an essential part of photo and video work. This would blow someones mind as a gift or if you've been waiting for an opportunity to get a new lens for your kit... this might be it. Merry Christmas.

Day 14


The perfect gift for that one guy or girl in the friend group who caught the travel and action bug. Small, Rugged and waterproof these cameras are the perfect companion while you are travelling.

Day 15

Moleskin Notebook

Not every notebook is made equal... people who appreciate paper will love a good notebook. Moleskin notebooks are the top of the pile and the perfect gift for your journaling jolly friend.

Day 16

EZCO.TV All Access & Assets

Taking a step away from the physical goods. Todays gift is a great tool for the toolkit of any creator. Whether it's learning new skills from the likes of Spencer Miller & Nathan Duck or assets to use to make epic videos Ezra Cohen has you covered at

Day 17

Peak Design Everyday Bag

Great for travelling, camera gear or just general everyday packing around the peak design backpack is one of the best backpacks I've ever used for my tech gear. Holds my camera safely while also being easy to access aswell as a laptop, ipad and a bunch of accessories or other devices.

Day 18

Leatherman Multitool

While there are plenty of Multi-tools on the market, leatherman have been by far the most stury and long lasting that Ive used. I generally keep one of these on me for tape, rope base plates and anything else that might need cutting, gripping or twisting.

Day 19

Samsung SSD

Great SSD with great speeds and feeds.

Day 20

Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

One of the best books I've read as a person working in the creative industry, learning from Ed's experience at Pixar and Disney was insightful and entertaining.

If you've got a creative in your life that's a reader. This one's a good one to add to the bookshelf.

Day 21

Deltahub Deskpad

The desk mat comes in three sizes, and in two different colors: Dark and Light Gray. Each is made out of a synthetic wool felt material, that’s both soft and durable with a non slip rubber bottom and stitched edges.

Day 22

Smallrig Camera Accessories

From top handles to side handles to battery plates. If you need to rig a camera, smallrigs parts are the perfect balance between quality and price and they've got a huge inventory so wherever you want to mount your camera or however you want to hold it, Smallrig's accessories are the best.

Day 23

Tropic Colour Assets

Another digital good for the list, Tropic colour has a huge range of incredible assets to level up your edits. Any editor would be stoked to get there little hands on these assets.

Day 24

Rode Universal Thread Adaptor

Never get stuck with the wrong mic stand or mic thread again. The RODE Thread adaptor has saved my day more than once, clip it to your keys or your bag and keep this thing with you!